Room decor Wall Design with Ricardo Gomez Painting

Wall art is not necessarily flat! Wall art painting, a completely new look to any room. There are some home interior wall design with an impressive wall art paintings by Ricardo Gomez. Ricardo creates images with an interpretation of reality close to Picasso. He painted using bright colors and a lot of movement in his paintings. He prefers large canvases and bright bold colors. The choice of institution not painting wall decoration is indeed an art and everyone can do it. So gather more inspiration to decorate home interior wall by installing the bottom of Ricardo Gomez pinting in living room, a few design image.

4 Tips Living room idea

1. Samples collected on Decorating Your Home The best way to begin selecting the perfect paint color for your living room is away tissue. Tissues serve as inspiration for the color scheme of the room. This is also the starting point to be more careful because the paint your living room is much easier and costs much less than to change furniture and window treatments. 

2. Studies on color schemes that you admire in magazines Transform Your Home Decor magazine flipping into a treasure hunt. Mark or rip out pages with room to your taste. This will be your decorating portfolio and will be useful when the company time to select the mood and sense of room.You you can see even in rooms with the same structure with the space you can use it as a model your wall color and furniture layout. Seeing how the pros do it, copy it and then touch your own personality to add fresh, new.

3. Keep in mind tones and immediately paint the mood of your room you wish to use color in accordance with the changing natural lighting. To create the wave by the mayor, you must understand the psychology of color. The color wheel has two sides: hot and cold. As the name denotes a group, warm colors add fun and warmth to the space being soft light cool colors can transform the atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Warm colors range from red to orange and cool colors range from blue to violet.Knowing color will affect your emotional response will be helpful in selecting your room’s atmosphere.

4. Note window frames to highlight architectural features, columns, staircases, moldings and other architectural features with shades of white can instantly change your room into a work that was appreciated by the family friends, and yourself.

Comfort And Luxury Design Ideas Ergonomics Whirlpool Bathtubs

These ideas are like a striking design, with an oval shape, providing comfort and luxury bathroom decor. Bath ergonomic design, equipped with high technology. Bak is the albatross, has five whirlpool jets, four rotating back and 14 valves airpool the Thalia Oval offers Lympho-drainage program, pulsating airpool program and ozone. So in addition to bath, also serves for the home, while enjoying a Jacuzzi massage your feet.

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