Best Broadband Offers for Your Money

Most broadband Internet providers offer the same sorts of deals. Varying speeds and download limits at different prices. But what about the added extra’s they provided? Or special offers or incentives they provide. In this day and age it’s important to make your money go as far as you can! Not to mention that you are signing up for a service and new customers can usually wrangle some decent deals and incentives! Here are some of the things to look for when signing up for Broadband Internet.

First of all is the option to bundle your services. Most companies who offer broadband also offer home phone service or cable TV. A lot of companies ask you to sign a contract in order to get this bundle which usually only gets you about 10-15% off your total package of services. Try calling back a few times and ask what they can do for you, after all you’re the one paying them money and especially if you’re a long-time customer with the company. Don’t forget to write down who you were talking to and what deal they could give you!

Second see what other offers the company currently has. Will they offer you free long-distance if you sign up, will they give you a bigger download limit for signing up or bundling your services. Will they give you a free modem or free installation (watch out for the hidden costs!). Do they have a registration fee that they can waive for you, and so on.

Don’t forget it’s all about you, the customer! They want your business and your money so don’t feel afraid to play a little hard ball. Worst case you end up paying what they offered you in the first place!

Wireless and Mobile Broadband

Nowadays I can’t live without my wireless broadband connection but I have some complaints about the connection that is always going down and giving me some trouble. I am a trader, I trade in the US market and Forex and if the connection fails I can miss an entry or exit point which can lead to big losses in our account. Also the 3G mobile broadband is becoming important to my “trading way” but I never know where to select or find a good internet provider. They seem to be all the same offer. Indeed the package is equal but the service not.

Here in Portugal there’s no chance to compare the different internet providers, but if you live in UK I have a good website for you, on which you can compare all wireless and mobile 3G broadband equipments and providers.

You knew that wireless broadband connections such as HSDPA allow for speeds up to 7.2mbps, while other connections allow for much higher ones??? 7.2mbps! That’s great and the fact is that I didn’t know that there were higher connections… 

Am I a noob? If Indeed I was in this matter, now I am not. There are a Top 5 Mobile Broadband Deals and the best on if for 15 pounds and with a velocity of 7.2mbps. Right now Vodafone is the best deal! If you are not sure if you need to change your broadband connection, make a speed test and BroadBand Expert!

Dad, get off the internet!

Some children get worried when they see their parents glued to the computer playing games or browsing the internet. I would join them. Wouldn’t you? 

It seems that a 13-year-old girl was really concerned by her mother being obssessed by World of Warcraft. I’m not going to discuss the game as I don’t play it, I prefer car simulation games and soccer games, especially the ones that are played on a real field. Here’s the excerpt:

“I know it sounds ridiculous but my mother has started playing the computer game WoW, World of Warcraft,” wrote the 13-year-old.

“This summer she has been sitting up all day and all night and she forgets what’s important to me. And when she’s not at the computer she’s like a lost soul. She just looks straight ahead and says nothing. I’m not doing so well.”

Other problems are dads watching porn on the internet and both parents stuck on internet chatrooms.

Super-resistant PC in a black box case

I hope you’re not surprised by seeing a red box instead of a black box. If you haven’t watch National Geographic Channel’s Air Crash Investigation this might be something new for you.

What matters is what’s inside. Brett, the aficionado who modified this real black box into a computer was exposed to asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma and asbestosis. So don’t try this unless you’re close to a hospital. 

As the case is quite small, a fully fledged server wasn’t possible to fit. A Mini-ITX motherboard was installed, with a 800MHz Via C3 CPU, with Slackware Linux running on it.

PSP (PlayStation Portable) with DualShock 2 PS2 controller

The PSP is made in such a way that it is possible to hold it with two hands and play games on it, which doesn’t always turn out very comfortable. The guys at AcidMods managed to connect a DualShock PlayStation 2 controller to the PSP. You can check the forum post here, as well as link to tutorials on how to get the PSP to be more comfortable for yourself.

Playstation 3 is TOXIC and will kill us

GreenPeace said that Playstation and other consoles had some toxical materies and they produce high levels of toxins. On the other side those toxins have been diminishing, and Microsoft and Sony defend that the levels produced aren’t sufficient to harm the environment or even the users.

But, as you know, these organisations will remain spreading the world, and I am sure that they…one day…will finish saying that those consoles can kill us. For God Seek!

Be Happy, and that’s all!

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